Luang Phrabang, Laos

Yensabai Organic Farm is a place where we experiment with happy, sustainable living.

All people who are interested in and appreciate sustainable living are very welcome here. Thus, this place becomes a community of people: my family and me, the villagers, visitors, volunteers…

By the way, "Yensabai" is the name of a famous Lao song that describes the happy way of farming life.

My name is Xay. I was born in the village nearby, where my family used to be farmers. I lived a long time in the city, but it has become too fast and too stressful for me.

At some point, I decided to come back home and start a different life:  healthier, slower, more sustainable, autonomous and happy. 

In February 2017, I started to build my home and grew the garden on the lands owned by my family. 

I choose living in a simple way. Only some electricity supply from a solar panel, cooking with wood fire, and of course no internet (there’s no signal here anyway). It wasn’t easy in the beginning, but now I enjoy very much eating food from the farm and meeting visitors. 

I grow every kind of plant, especially local species, depending on the season, and I love to experiment with my farming in a totally random style, learning more and more every day.

I grow flowers for insects and butterflies, and also different plants and vegetables. Most seeds come from local villagers.

We share:

The article about Yensabai Organic Farm by Priscilla, the volunteer from France.

Resourse book for Permaculture "Solutions for sustainable lifestyles"

Xay's photoblog about Laos.